Nose Piercing

Successful Auspicious Nose Piercings Begin Here

It has always been in my truest nature to revisit old world piercing traditions with a classic, yet modern approach..

Angel, DEH Registered Safe Body Art Practitioner. Nose Piercing Extraordinaire.

Classic Meets Current

A Visual Splendor Beyond Basic

NosePiercing.Pro has created two exclusive, smooth, distinctly classic styles of Nose Jewelry to choose from.

 Made of the richest, purest and most superior metals found in our beautiful planet Earth.

 Real, 24kt. California Gold or Pure Platinum White Dot & Fitted Hoop Styles.

Go With the Flow

The overall flow and harmony between the Face and the Nose Piercing

will aesthetically enhance every persons, contour and structure of their Nose.

The Nose Jewelry placement that may be right for one person, most definitely isn't right for all.

There has never been any written golden rule saying that all Nose Piercings should be placed in the crease of a nostril.

Your own Nose knows the very best jewelry placement that is just right for you.

Your trust and my expertise can make your Nose Piercing Placement uniquely all your very own.

Exclusivity Disclosure

As a gentle reminder,

NosePiercing.Pro Services, Installations and Assistance are Exclusively Offered

with our very own distinctly unique

24kt. California Gold and Pure Platinum White Double Dot and Fitted Hoop Styles Only.

Services, Installations, Removals or Consultations Pertaining to Other Nose Jewelry Brands & Styles Are Not Available.

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