Questions & Answers

Q: What Nose Piercing Services are Offered?

NONE at This Time per the request of California Dept of Health.

Any service that requires the removal of mask is not advisable.

A: Invitational Standard Single Side Nostril Piercing and Multiples Service.

Fitted Nose Jewelry. Micro and Macro Sizes.

Need a well fitted Nose Piercing Pro Hoop? No Problem.

Want to Look Like a Pirate? That can be arranged as well.

Q: What are my Jewelry Options for Nose Piercing?

A: Choices Include an Approximate 1.5mm or 2mm, Titanium with CZ or

Double Dot Style of Real 24kt. California Yellow Gold or Pure Platinum 20g. Thread or 19g. Fitted Hoop Styles

Nose jewelry and Service Items are Sterilized, Single Use, Lot Lumbered and Documented. 

Q: Does NosePiercing.Pro Accept Walk Ins?

A. This is a Private Studio Facility.

All Nose Piercing Services and Purchases are Strictly by Invitational Appointment only.

Q. How Old Do I Have to be to Get a Nose Piercing?

A. By Law, You Must Be 18 Years and Older or a Minor With Your Legal Parent Present During Services.

Q: What Days are Available for Nose Piercing, Re-installation Services or Aftercare Consultations?

 A: At This Time Only Select Days are Available.

Q: How Can I Schedule an Appointment for Nose Piercing?

A: You Can Schedule a Nose Piercing Service Appointment

by Texting 1-408-246-1243 for Further Service Appointment Information.

The Scheduling & Cancellation Policy for NosePiercing.Pro will Partner

and Share all the Same Scheduling, Studio and Services Polices

as the Host Studio, Paisley Haus/

Please Make Sure to Read and Agree to All the Terms Presented Before Committing to a Service Appointment.

Q: Can I Use My Own Jewelry For an Installation or Piercing Services?

A: NosePiercing.Pro is Specifically Only Offering Nose Piercing Services with our Very own Distinctly Select,

 Pure, 24kt California Yellow Gold and Platinum, Sterile Smooth Fitted Hoop or Double Dot Nose Jewelry.

Q. Can a Numbing Cream be Applied to the Area Before a Nose Piercing?

A: In-Studio Numbing Products are not Used.

This is a Personal Option and Those with Access to Such Products

Should be Aware of Reactions and Other Compromising Risks From Product Application.

These Products Might Offer Only Very Minimal Sensation Reduction of This Already Quick Piercing Service.

Applications Need to be at Least 1/2 or More BEFORE Arriving to the Studio and Not Be a Cause for Service Delays.

Q: What if I Accidentally Pull Out My Jewelry Out and Cant Get it Back in.

A: Try Reinstalling it or schedule for the Next Available Select Weekday, Nose Service Appointment Date.

Q: What if I Want to Take Out or Change my Jewelry?

A: The Area Must be Warmed and Soaked for an Easier Removal.

For Double Dot Quick Removal, a Single End Can be Trimmed off.

Trimmed Nose Jewelry is Usually Too Short for Most Re-Installations and Cannot be Re-Used.

Q: Is it True That Guests Demanding Nose Piercing Services

Were Sneaking in by Scheduling Fake Ear Piercing Appointments and it Has Driven You Out of Nose Piercing Retirement?

A: It is True.

If you Would Like to Have Your Nose Pierced by NosePiercing.Pro Restrictions may Apply.

Composed of Unique Materials. Fitted Hoop & Double Dot Nose Jewelry Styles.

Invitational Service Availability on Select Weekdays Only.

Experience My Superior Service Standards That are Beyond Basic.


Text for Schedule Availability